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Big Data, Child's Play

Enterprise Data Intelligence

Reinventing Companies Around Data

Big Data 3.0
A pure Apache Spark*
+ NoSQL Integration + ML

Stratio Data Centric Suite

Stratio Data Centric Suite Products


A Big Data 3rd generation Platform for informational & operational applications.


A data visualization product and easiest way to create the dashboards and graphical widgets you need to visualize your data.


Enterprise data intelligence with Spark* MLlib. Combination of the most advanced open-source machine learning libraries.


Real-Time processing with Spark* Streaming. Combine Data Streams with operation sor user defined functions to build the Real-Time data pipeline you want.


Just Spark* for everything: lean and simple to maximize performance

Apache Spark* is Big Data 3.0 – skip Hadoop and go straight to Stratio – the first “pure Spark*” platform with 50% fewer components and operational complexity.

Straight Up Visual Data to Get Maximum Insights

Expose the real value of data. With a plethora of widgets and catalog of datasources based on mature market standards, analysts can customize the visualization of their data to take decisions in real-time.

Data Query and Data Fusion Simplified

Use standard SQL queries to join, explore and visualize data across data at rest (in SQL and NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB and ElasticSearch) as well as streaming data in motion.

Intelligent Layer with ML Algorithms

Take decisions based on machine learning algorithms, with an open source library which allows Data Scientists to leverage their preferred choice in the creation of a development environment.

The best datastore for each use case.

True Multitenant for Informational & Operational Applications.


Reduce time to market: Code-free

Do in days, what used to take months. No need to know Apache Spark* or the many flavors of NoSQL, just click-to-deploy components and click-to-configure powerful data processing pipelines.

End to End Platform: Ingestion - Intelligence - Visualization

Stratio manages data flows end-to-end. Mix and match ETL tools, message queues, databases, visualization tools, Stratio can do it all or fill in the gaps, on-premise or in the cloud.

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