Khermes: An Open-Source and Distributed Data Generator for Apache Kafka

Wednesday May 17, 2017 2:30pm – 3:20pm, Intercontinental Miami in Miami, Florida, Windsor

Today, companies and organisations with large amounts of data are increasingly faced with the need to produce user-defined data for different types of data stores or to understand how their systems will perform under a heavy data-load. We have created Khermes, an open-source distributed data-generator, to simplify this process. Using Apache Kafka, Khermes can generate large amounts of user-defined data that can be stored anywhere. It can also be used as a “stress tool” to measure the performance of systems in a heavy-load environment: Users can increase the strain on their Apache Kafka clusters and monitor their performance. Through use cases and demos, you will discover Khermes features and how it works. Github wiki.



Emilio Ambrosio, Software Engineer, Stratio
As Software Engineer at Stratio, I have participated in different cutting edge projects and some modules included within Stratio’s platform, particularly those related to real-time streaming and data ingestion, based on Apache Spark Streaming and Apache Flume respectively.

Alberto Rodriguez, Software Architect, Stratio
Working as a Big Data Architect at Stratio, Alberto Rodriguez has been involved in the inception and evolution of some modules included within the Stratio’s platform, specially those related to data visualization, real-time, streaming and complex event processing. I am also proud commiter of the Apache Metamodel project. Speaking experience: Apache Big Data Europe 2015, Big Data Spain 2015 and several meetups.

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