Enterprise data intelligence with Apache Spark* MLlib

Combination of the most advanced open source machine learning libraries.


Full Big Data Science environment on Spark*


Open and Proprietary machine learning algorithms and visualization tools


API Manager for analytic processes and machine learning algorithms

Main features

  • Combination of the most advanced open source machine learning libraries
  • Choose your preferred Integrated Development Environment
  • Behavioral Analytics & Costumer Intelligence with main functionalities out of the box
  • Machine Learning & Visualization tool integration to get real Business Insights
  • Based on open source technologies
  • Most importante open programming languages supported for data science: Scala, R and Python
  • Integrated with Tensor Flow for Deep Learning
  • Customizable environment for each user
  • With scalable machine learning algorithms developed by Stratio for recommendation, profiling and forecasting
  • Analytical capabilities on graphs and temporal patterns

Product Modules

Learn from the past, in order to predict the future.

Ready to get started?

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