A Big Data 3rd Generation Platform for Informational & Operational Applications.

Just Spark* for all Proccessing: Batch Streaming and Interaction

1st Released Spark* Platform 2014


An easy-to-use SQL interface. Forget Big Data complexity simply use SQL.

Merge and Combine

Merge and Combine any type of data from multiple datastore. Data Streaming & Stored Data in an out of the box Lambda solution using just SQL.

Smart Planner

Smart planner to choose when to use SparkSQL to execute SQL sentences or got directly to the datastores for maximum performance.

Main features

  • Install wizard
  • EC2 deployment support
  • On site deployment support
  • Pre-installation health checker
  • Platform monitoring
  • Platform management
  • Automatic resources assignment
  • System alarm visualization
  • Platform activity stream
  • Remote logs visualization
  • Remote support
  • Big data full text search
  • Relevance scoring and sorting
  • General top-k queries
  • Complex boolean queries (and, or, not)
  • Near real-time search
  • CQL3 support
  • Wide rows support

Product Modules

Index functionality has been extended to provide search engines features, including full text-search capabilities and free multivariable search.

Provides a layer of abstraction for SQL query execution over different data stores or data sources.

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