Real-Time processing with Apache Spark* Streaming

Real-Time Data pipeline solution


Build your real-time data pipelines solution in a web interface

Plug & Play

Scala/Java SDK to develop reusable components

Easy to use

Monitor tools to debug your data pipelines

Main features

  • Based on Spark* Streaming and SparkSQL
  • Data continuously streamed in & processed in near real-time
  • A collection of useful components ready to use (I/O, aggregation, CEP, rules, etc).
  • Automatic database modelling
  • CAS compatible
  • Complex Event Processing engine
  • Workflow management (deploy, monitor, share)

Product Modules

Lets the user, with absolutely no coding, simultaneously deploy several user-defined aggregation workflows.

Cep engine that can analyze and model large volumes of events in real time.

A Fork of Apache Flume that solves several bug fixes, such as unicode support. Furthermore, Stratio Ingestion has several improvements over Flume’s sources & sinks, such as an ElasticSearch mapper.

Ready to get started?

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