Raúl de la Fuente Lopes

About Raúl de la Fuente Lopes

Raúl de la Fuente Lopes is currently Big Data Presales at Stratio. He has been a trainer at ELIUM, Factoria Cultural, LIDlearning, ESIC, URJC and UEM Universities, BeJob Santillana, etc. Founder of Neutalk (AKA Emotional Engineers) and expert collaborator in the Computerworld Knowledge Network. His fields of interest are: machine learning, blockchain, innovation, open source, storytelling and neuroscience.

Cooking ML Models

Cooking ML Models

Have you ever watched the cooking teaching shows? You have probably noticed that chefs have usually already all the ingredients separated and chopped. Likewise, a data scientist will be more useful and creative building models rather than spending time with data preprocessing…