Generative AI transforms the daily life of individual users and businesses. It mimics human responses, intriguing C-suite with its possibilities to improve efficiency, productivity and quality of service. 

However, in a recent interview for Digital Transformation 2023 report by The Times, Oscar Mendez, CEO of Stratio BD, cautions businesses that

generative AI tools are still in their infancy stage, and might not be robust and secure enough to find and maximise the wealth of data held internally within a business

In this blog post, we explode the critical role of the data fabric in Gen-AI implementation. 

Mendez suggests concentrating on the following:

3 areas when considering introducing a Gen AI tool in the business: 

  1. Data Fabric Architecture: quality data access and security. Using a data fabric architecture so that Gen-AI tools have access to high-quality data with a built-in ability to improve the accuracy of answers while keeping the data secure.
  2. Robust Data Governance: control and compliance. Ensuring robust data governance policies are in place to keep data access controlled and compliant with regulations.
  3. In-house Skills: Essential expertise. Investing in the in-house skills required to implement, train, and use generative AI tools. 

Data fabric empowers AI data management’, says Mendez, echoing the recent Gartner publication: “Safely Using LLMs With an Active Metadata and Data Fabric Layer”.

Stratio’s Gen-AI solution, designed specifically for enterprises, sets itself apart by incorporating an ‘underlying data fabric’. In a nutshell, data fabric automatically unifies all organisation’s data in a centralised virtualisation layer, giving it business meaning, security and quality, through the use of ontologies and knowledge graphs, countering the challenges of poor data quality. Additionally, Stratio Data Fabric applies actionable governance policies to keep data secure and uses metadata when working with Gen-AI instead of moving data from its storage location. 

Stratio data fabric is the most powerful data management solution today, leveraging AI to handle data at scale and in real-time”

According to Mendez,

It is crucial to implement data fabric concurrently with Gen AI technology to manage deep learning methods safely and effectively. 

Boosting Efficiency with Gen-AI

In the view of Mendez, “Stratio’s Gen-AI offers a remarkable advantage: swift, precise responses without lengthy interdepartmental communication”. These capabilities empower businesses to enhance resource utilisation and expedite well-informed decisions.

Stratio Gen-AI handles diverse queries, from daily loan statistics to fraud risk assessments in mortgage applications. Its versatility extends to addressing unstructured data and assisting with repetitive mundane tasks like printer setup.

CEO’s Dilemma: Workforce Transition

Mendez acknowledges Gen-AI’s potential to create new job opportunities, albeit at the expense of certain roles. He advises corporate leaders to:

vigilantly safeguard the interests of underrepresented employee groups, such as women and individuals from diverse backgrounds”

As one of the founding members of the Generative AI Association, Stratio actively oversees ethical, employment, and regulatory issues related to AI adoption.

Despite challenges, Mendez underscores the advantages of Gen-AI, especially in presenting data accessibly to non-experts. Stratio’s Data Fabric centralises and contextualises data. This facilitates high-quality natural language queries and streamlining regulatory compliance in accordance with international data privacy laws.

Nevertheless, Mendez cautions against undue reliance on Gen-AI, emphasising that it augments, not replaces, human intelligence. Prudent review of Gen-AI-generated responses is advised, as their accuracy hinges on the quality of the input data.

In summary, while generative AI holds significant potential for businesses, the incorporation of data fabric emerges as the key to unlocking its potential securely and accurately. By adopting data fabric as the cornerstone of their Gen-AI initiatives, businesses can confidently navigate this transformative journey, optimizing productivity and informed decision-making.

If you are ready to explore how Generative AI can be securely implemented in your company, get in touch with Stratio


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