Productivity, Performance and Potential: Generative AI in Action

New survey of 300 CDOs and executives finds that 99% believe that organisations are missing out by not using Gen-AI and are excited to start.

AI can boost productivity at unprecedented speed. First movers will be rewarded, and the global race is already on without any question”.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

A third of decision-makers expect Gen-AI to be the lead source of insight for enterprise-wide decision-making

Three in four leaders expect to increase their use of Gen-AI tools in the next 12 months

Unsurprisingly, concerns over accuracy and data quality are still the main obstacle on the implementation journey.

Read this whitepaper to:
  • Understand the current status of Gen-AI adoption across a variety of global markets.
  • Inform your thinking about the role generative AI will play in the data management space in the very near future.
  • Learn about risk-free strategies to start a generative AI project at your company.
  • Obtain the proof points required for internal presentation of the generative AI initiatives at your organisation.
  • Learn more about how a Semantic Business Data Layer can boost generative AI accuracy to 99%.

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