Time to move from SAS to Saas?

Take an opportunity to lower costs, improve compliance capabilities, and enhance data utilization with Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric.

This comprehensive guide delves into the challenges faced by financial service leaders in 2024 and why replacing SAS Analytics with Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric & Analytics product is the ideal solution.

Traditional metadata management can’t keep pace with today’s data and governance demands, especially around analysis. Adopting a metadata management solution can help you overcome these challenges while augmenting your data management potential.

This whitepaper discusses how Stratio can streamline your data management processes, providing an edge over traditional systems like SAS Analytics.

Read this whitepaper to:
  • Understand the obstacles faced by financial services leaders and how these can be overcome with advanced technologies.
  • Discover the compelling reasons why transitioning from SAS to SaaS is essential for your business growth.
  • Learn about our cutting-edge platform that combines powerful analytics capabilities with seamless data integration.
  • Discover how others have successfully migrated from SAS to Stratio.

Stratio clients

Stratio can enhance your operations, improve cost-efficiency, ensure better compliance capabilities, and drive overall business success.

Embracing cutting-edge technologies such as the data fabric and generative AI by Stratio will ensure seamless modernization of your data management practices.

Stratio mentioned in Gartner Data Integration Tools Magic Quadrant 2023

Upgrade your organization’s approach to data management in just 6 months 

Stratio works as a SaaS in your favorite public cloud or as an installed Hybrid Platform in any of your infrastructures.

Read Stratio’s Data Fabric whitepaper and share with your colleagues.