These past months have been filled with uncertainty, we have been living a pandemic caused by Covid-19 that has changed our lives and our daily habits; working every day from home, juggling and balancing our work and personal life. Difficult times often bring out the best in people, and this has been no different in Stratio, Stratians has been giving the best version of themselves.

In Stratio we have always been transgressors,  willing to take new risks. This started at our core, changing the name of our Human Resources Department to People, seeing people as individuals instead of mere employees, and referring to Stratio as a No-Company. So, why not? Why can’t Stratians schedule be a continuous day, working intensively until 3PM and being able to enjoy the rest of their afternoon? This is how our Compact Schedule was born, inspiring other companies after us.

Now it’s time to enter the Blue Era, blue like water, that flows, adapts, and becomes. Once more, we have listened to the wise Bruce Lee, emptying our mind allowing new ideas to grow.

An office is obviously just a physical space, in Stratio, our value is placed on the people. This is why we have wanted for some time to change or way of working, allowing us to renovate our lifestyle. As a result of these debates, working towards objectives, working as a team, and the commitment demonstrated by Stratians, Blue Style is born.

Blue is believing your home can also be your office, and feeling at home at the office. It means having the flexibility to organize your schedule, your day, and your week.  Blue is having the option to work from home if you want to, and making use of the hours spent at the office to share time with our colleagues, immerse ourselves in technical debates, attend training or be the one sharing the knowledge, having lunch with coworkers, or just enjoy being at the office.

The Blue Era, blue like the sky, the sky we will contribute to not pollute, avoiding commuting by car during rush hour. A small drop in the bucket to help us get closer to saving the environment

This is a reality, our vision has changed. We are now entering a new Blue Era with the hope and excellence that we are known for. Working from home or from the office, our product, Semantic Data Centric, will continue to transform the world digitally.

Be Stratian, Be Blue,



Stratio guides businesses on their journey through complete #DigitalTransformation with #BigData and #AI. Stratio works worldwide for large companies and multinationals in the sectors of banking, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, energy and media.

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