Stratio Data Centric

Stratio offers a single product that governs and manages a whole company’s data. It guarantees consistency and provides applications and users with a unified and integrated vision of their data. Companies can develop different use cases using the very same data: Operational and Informational use cases (online/streaming/batch), advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence use cases.

One operating system to rule them all!

Manage your data center as a single computer

Stratio Data Centric is based on a powerful enterprise operating system that pulls a whole company’s data infrastructure together. Forget cluster silos: All your Big Data frameworks, containers and microservices are managed by a single operating system.

What is special about our product?

Where usually you would use 5 different products to cover specific needs, here you can use one: Stratio Data Centric

Are you aiming for a top-notch microservices architecture?

Are you looking to combine your most powerful data stores?

Are you tired of never-ending Big Data projects?

How long does it take you to analyse your data?

Is your data safe?

Respond to all 5 needs with a single product!

New Features

Stratio Data Centric version R3 is now available. All new and improved features are fully integrated in Stratio’s product and benefit from the full potential of these five use cases

Our data-centric product in 45 seconds

Discover Stratio Data Centric, a single product that responds to 5 specific needs for today’s leading companies.