What’s new in Stratio Data Centric R5?

Stratio Data Centric version R5 is now available.

All new and improved features described below are fully integrated in Stratio’s product

Resource management & infrastructure monitoring

This release adds the possibility to closely monitor all resources in your infrastructure and fine-tune your cluster, estimating and resizing your resources according to specific needs.

New Command Center and service monitoring

Stratio’s Command Center integrates all product modules and solutions in a single center of operations. Define user roles and access policies, manage processes and tasks, and monitor services in RT through a single interface.

Improved Sparta

Stratio has opted for the evolution of its data streaming module based on Spark to make it much more flexible and usable. This release offers new features that we are sure you will love, including advanced workflow capacities.

Fully integrated Governance

This release includes the first increment of Stratio’s Governance module. In a data-centric platform such as our product, governance is critical for an optimal day-to-day usage.

Active-active multi-data centers

Details coming soon.

Automatic full backup / restore

Stratio places great importance on data as a key organizational resource. Our product, in addition to offering high availability and fault tolerance, offers a solution in cases of “disaster recovery”

Productionisation of AI models

This release adds the possibility of exporting AI models. Create AI models from your own work environment, store them or deploy them as a microservice through a simple command, so that it can be consulted by users in a matter of seconds.

A new microservices framework

This release includes the first increment of Stratio’s Microservices Framework module. It includes an automatic replica between operational and informational datastores, implementing CQRS pattern by default.

Postgres Big Data

Details coming soon.