Stratio Crossdata is the highest ranked data hub and fastest growing package

by | Aug 3, 2018

House of Bots ranking of the most popular distributed computing packages for Data Science, placed Stratio Crossdata as the highest ranked data hub and fastest growing package. Discover more with Nand Kishor:

“We examined 140 frameworks and distributed programming packages and came up with a list of top 20 distributed computing packages useful for Data Science. Stratio Crossdata extends the capabilities of Apache Spark by providing a unified way to access to multiple datastores. Stratio Crossdata uses a SQL-like language and just one API to access multiple datastores with different natures, like Apache Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Arvo, or MongoDB. The number of Google search results for Stratio Crossdata have increased by 400% from the last quarter, which is the largest growth rate out of all 140 packages on our list.”