When we first started using Spark, we were twenty people. Twenty Stratians. We took a risk and adopted Spark very early on, but with a lot of teamwork and a lot of mistakes, we managed to create the first pure Spark platform.

We started getting more projects, and without realizing it 20 turned into 40, 40 into 60, and 60 into 100 Stratians. And we haven’t stopped growing ever since!

Along the way, we needed more space so we made the change from a few small desks into an actual office, we built walls and decorated them with images from video games and we even got a pretty cool terrace.

These days the coffee line keeps getting bigger in the mornings and not a week goes by without at least a couple of birthdays and the yummy treats that come with them. Our small NERF gunfights have turned into epic battles and most importantly we keep meeting new people that teach us new things every day.

Together we’ve built a strong team that has allowed Stratio to come this far, so we want to thank all of our Stratians for everything. For the late coding nights, the cups of coffee, and all the time spent turning big data into child’s play!

We couldn’t pass on an occasion like this one so we had a small party to celebrate, we had some drinks and a lot of food, played ping pong, football, and then ate some more. We are Stratians, we play hard but we work even harder.

And what about the future? Well, there are more of us every day and there’s always something around the corner, so keep trying new things and keep learning.

Dream big Stratians! The world is yours for the taking!