Based on recent studies (see articles 2022 and 2023), women obtain 53% of STEM1 university degrees at a global level. However, in the EU only 34% of graduates in these fields are women and if we look even closer, the STEM degree enrollment of women in Spain represents an average of about 30%. Numbers vary among the different fields but what is most alarming is that only 16% of the STEM professionals in Spain are…

Easter is the perfect season to stop and think. In my case this year I have been reflecting on the recent controversy of whether or not reducing meat consumption as recommended by the WHO has an effect on our health and the environment, and I could not help but connect with the concept of change and its derivatives. 

There are opportunities that only happen once in a lifetime, being it in a personal, work or self-development way, and when the opportunity to join Stratio, and even more the NUMA training programme, came my way, I didn’t think twice.

The Information Technology industry is sometimes perceived as a mostly-male one, and International Women’s Day (March 8) seems a good occasion for a little fact-checking: are women new to this business? Do we have any female references in IT-related fields? Sure, we all recall Ada Lovelace, considered the first programmer due to her work on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, but… what about others? Let’s meet some women who, from a technical point of view, have patently influenced information technologies.

Today we celebrate the International Happiness Day and in these crazy times of emergency it is now necessary more than ever to focus on the habits that remind us that there are always things to celebrate. Learn all the benefits of the famous LOL and laugh out loud!

At Stratio we believe in disruptive educational models. This is why we’ve created Numa – a No University, No Master’s degree in Big Data. For 12 weeks, 8 recent graduates will join us and learn about Big Data, Spark, Kafka, Digital Transformation and much more with all our experts.