Office events and activities, internal training, reward and recognition programs… are just some of the benefits that help to make employees happy and that improve and contribute to a strong employee engagement. All of this plus the shared values and attitudes create a Positive Corporate Culture. At Stratio, our values and people are vital and define our amazing culture. Discover all and more about Stratio’s culture!

What is Corporate Culture?

According to Forbes, Corporate Culture is “an integral part of the business. It affects nearly every aspect of a company. From recruiting top talent to improving employee satisfaction, it’s the backbone of a happy workforce.” Corporate Culture are the values and beliefs the company has and it determines how employees interact outside business concerns. Culture is as important as business and work because it’s what brings happiness to the company’s employees.

Culture can be defined as a group of beliefs, values, and attitudes. The culture has a direct impact on the strategic direction of the business. It influences management and decisions and improves employee engagement. Stratio knows this and this is why we give so much importance to people and culture.

A no-company where people matter

In a no-company, the company doesn’t matter. The company is only a means to get extremely talented people working together to create exceptional things. A no-company innovates, differentiates, transforms other companies, and aims to make the world a better place. A no-company brings freedom and responsibility, no hierarchy or procedures. It is thanks to our people that we have such a competitive advantage!

Stratians at the 2019 Convention

Life and culture at Stratio

At Stratio, we want to create a great atmosphere at the office so that each one of us can reach our maximum potential.

This is why, within Stratio, there’s a team that organizes internal activities that create employee engagement and happiness, such as office events, internal opportunities, and training…

Office events and activities

At Stratio, we organize fun and entertaining internal events and activities that help Stratians de-stress, get to know each other in a different work environment, and have #StratioFun.

From Ping Pong and Padel tournaments to Halloween costume competitions, Christmas buffet and bench decorations, ladies lunch… Because Stratians should work in a forward-looking and innovative workspace and, of course, be happy.

Ping Pong tournament!
Our scary Stratians on Halloween 2019
Our Stratians getting ready for the padel tournament
Ladies lunch!
Internal Training

It is our goal to ensure that all Stratians feel a shared responsibility for the company and are passionate about their work. This is why we encourage Stratians to teach and lecture other colleagues on a specific topic they specialize in. One of the most famous internal events is the Stratio’s Lunch and Learns, in which a Stratian prepares a topic and teaches other Stratians. Of course, pizzas and empanadas are ordered to accompany the course. 🙂

Stratio’s Lunch and Learn with Ana Fernández
Stratio’s Lunch and Learn with our colleagues from the Carrefour project
Employee engagement

Apart from all these benefits, Stratio offers other advantages that motivate Stratians and generate employee engagement: reward and recognition programs, a library of technical books, flexible schedule, uninterrupted workday, agile framework, gamification, social benefits, team building activities…

Proud of our values and happy to be a different kind of company

Stratio’s essence is their values. A combination of eleven core values embodies the Stratian culture. From being a team player to laughing out loud, our teams meet and exceed these merits on a daily basis. We are not afraid of making mistakes and trying out new things, we are grateful to one another, we love helping each other and, every day, we dream big!

Motivation, value, and attitude is everything we ask from our Stratians. Because working in a happy environment is vital and necessary for all of us to give our best! And like this, we can all work together towards something great, create exceptional things and make the world a better place.