Our second Meetup of the Madrid Cassandra Users group took place on February 12th at Paradigma Tecnológico. The meetup consisted in two talks of 20 minutes each:

Talk 1: Introduction to CQL3

Cassandra Query Language (CQL) is a SQL (Structured Query Language)-like language for querying Cassandra.

Speaker: Jose Hernández, Owner at Isthari.

Talk 2: A systems approach to the data life cycle

The data life cycle from the systems point of view: replication, files created/deleted… when data is written, updated or deleted. Because it’s closely related, a brief explanation spanning bloom filters and caches is also given.

Speaker: Francisco Madrid-Salvador, Big Data Architect at Stratio.

This meetup is for technical people interested in diving into the technical details behind Cassandra.


You can watch the video at Stratio YouTube channel.

Thanks everyone for a great turnover and for share some good moments at the pub across the street after the talks!