It all started with a call from Adrian Arias, Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn, a morning at the beginning of September: “Congratulations Stratio, you are one of our finalists to the “Premios IN”, nominated in the Best Recruitment Team category. Only a 5% of our clients make it to the nomination”.

The venue: “El Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid”. The Date: Thursday September 28th 2017. This was the day the best professionals of each sector and leading companies were meeting to celebrate the big achievements obtained in 2017. And there we were, celebrating the Stratio nomination, next to Desigual, GFI España and Viewnext, when it was announced that we had won Best Recruitment Team 2017 and we were truly humbled.

From Human Resources to People, name matters

It is very exciting to take home the prize. Sometimes we get caught up in our day to day and the fact that our work is recognized is something to be genuinely proud of. This has been a reminder that in People we are doing something right. A big part of this, is due to the fact that we decided to change our department name and no longer be Human Resources. We are People@, and this is what represents us, not “resources”. Because Stratio’s values are: 1st People, 2nd People, 3rd People.

In People, we have many important responsibilities, but our main mission is to help Stratians* be happy. This is what drives us to work harder each day, be the best versions of ourselves, and hopefully play a part in the lives of each person that is part of this ever growing Stratian Family.

But, we don’t want to get off track, what brought us here is the prize. So, what is the formula to our success? What is it that we do, to find, recruit, and retain the best talent all over the globe? Can you keep a secret? Here it is, we are revealing our secret ingredient to success…

Really, it is easy, hard work and dedication, and a passion for what we do. We will browse all the job portals, social networking sites, blogs, google boolean searches, everything we can think of to find the best match. We will send hundreds, if not thousands of e-mails, inmails, and find new and original ways of contacting our candidates. Hey! Maybe we could even send telegrams! We want to be on the field, calling, interviewing, attending events, going to talks, you name it, we are there.

Agile Methodologies to find the best talent

The recipe is simple, a cup of hard work, a quarter of creativity, a pinch of agility, trying new things and dreaming big, these last ingredients to taste. Cook this up and you get Stratio`s Culture.

We would not be able to do any of this, if we didn’t have a great company backing us up and without believing that Stratio is an exceptional place to work. We are surrounded by great professionals, and better people, with one common goal: to digitally transform the world and reinvent companies with our Big Data Product.

Meanwhile, here in the People Team, we will keep seeing every occasion as an opportunity to meet with the best talent. And why not even this article? If you made it this far, we would like to also remind you that we are waiting for you in Stratio. Do you have what it takes to be a Stratian?

Yours truly,

* Stratian: This means we are not afraid of making mistakes and trying out new things. We are grateful to one another, preferring kindness over squabbles. We listen, we share and we learn. You will be part of a team where your voice will be heard.


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