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Stratio has been using generative AI in the Generative AI Data Fabric product for a while now. It didn’t have a chatbot-like interface which we all now associate with generative AI (meaning ChatGPT of course), but the technology has been firmly integrated into several of our core modules including Data Governance and Data Quality, automatically generating quality rules and business rules directly from the metadata. In addition, the mapping of a business view of the technical tables is also done in Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric with built-in generative AI, for example to search for and identify personal data in the technical data to ensure PII compliance. To take it one step further we’ve also had generative AI integrated into our Stratio Rocket product for advanced analytics where users can do data transformation. One of its features helps non-technical users create any custom function using only business explanations of the functionality they want to achieve and generative AI engine provides the code needed to execute it. 

So you can see why it’s exciting for us to see how LLMs and gen AI tools are being adopted by businesses and technology companies at neck-breaking speed over the past several months. We also believe that LLMs and generative AI have a critical role to play in reshaping the way businesses get value from the data. These transformative technologies are instantly enhancing productivity by automating repetitive tasks and allowing non-technical users to access valuable insights in seconds rather than hours, days or, often, weeks. 

Today we have announced the launch of Stratio Gen-AI, the world-first, secure generative AI engine for enterprises enabling businesses to benefit from natural-language analysis of company data. We believe that no other product gives secure, trusted and quick answers to the business users using their company data in the same way as Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric and Gen AI do.

In addition to how we’re already using generative AI inside our Generative AI Data Fabric product, we’ve also opened it to be interacted with via a chat-like interface which understands natural language and is able to give answers based on business data of the customer in seconds.

We see several fundamental ways business users and data teams can benefit from it: 

  • Data Democratisation for business users

All business users we’ve worked with in the past 10 years have asked their IT and data department to be able to ask any business-related question in the natural language and get an understandable and trusted  answer. It’s been a data management ‘dream’ to enable this. 

How  many loans have we given out today? A simple question which leads to a major headache internally because, first of all, it’s rare that companies are really able to work with real-time data and get minute-by-minute results. And  secondly, because a simple question like that can’t be asked directly to the data which has no business meaning.

With Stratio Gen-AI engine a user can ask this question and the Gen- AI will give them the answer. We are one of the only products in the market that really can do that because in order to talk with a Gen-AI engine you need to talk about business concepts, and for that  you need a business data layer on top of your technical data.

Some public cloud providers are able to do that but only with the data that is stored in that particular cloud. Unlike Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric they wouldn’t be able to access the on-prem data or a competitor cloud to provide the full answer. Whereas Stratio can access the data anywhere regardless of the data location.

  • Automatic business value generation for the data teams and the Chief Data Officer. 

Gen AI can automatically generate insights, dashboards and reports while the data teams are focusing on their core tasks, including data governance, business terms definition and maintaining the business data layer. With Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric and Gen AI data teams and the CDOs can really accelerate business value delivery to the business. 

In addition they can use Gen AI to speed up development of apps and models. By interacting with Gen AI they can explain the functionality of what they want to do and the generative AI engine will create programs and models based on the information in the business data layer. This won’t replace the data engineers or data scientists, but they’ll be able to increase their productivity through automation and shift focus to advising and consulting instead of developing.

  • An exciting area for Gen AI application is knowledge management.

Every company struggles with knowledge management, particularly large enterprises where there is a variety of documents, content management tools, wikis available for employees to use and reference. With Stratio Gen-AI, we can train the engine with the documents clients have – all their wikis, any content tool, any repository, and offer employees a simple chat interface to ask their questions (and get instant answers).  For example: How do I create a Purchase order? Which printer do I use in this office? How do I book an order?

We have tried to quantify the benefit and the savings companies might be looking at by automating these processes, freeing up and re-deploying resources currently involved in answering these constant inevitable questions. We’re talking about thousands of hours and millions of savings. 

If you’re interested in trying Stratio Gen-AI engine on any of the use cases we’ve mentioned or have your own in mind, we would be happy to explore it with you. We can do a Proof of Value in just several weeks, showing you what is possible to achieve with Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric.

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