Stratio is excited to announce our new connector for Tableau. Stratio is now a Tableau Connector Gallery launch partner! This means users can now find and download the connector of Stratio Crossdata directly from the Tableau Extension Gallery. This new approach enables Stratio to continue building and simplifying the way Stratio users connect to Tableau.

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Stratio Crossdata is a data virtualization tool powered by Apache Spark (Spark SQL) which, among other things unifies access to any data source with a SQL language, supports online and analytical cases, is an adaptable and highly available system, offers Scala and Java API, JDBC / ODBC and centralizes security and allows to adjust the access level.

With the release of Hercules 9.3, we announced the availability of the new JDBC connector of Stratio Crossdata which offers significant performance improvements and new capabilities when working with very large catalogs, enabling users to quickly explore very large Stratio catalogs from within Tableau.

Connecting quick as lightning

Using the new Stratio connector in your Tableau environment is very easy. After downloading the connector from the Tableau Extension Gallery, simply place the connector in your connector directory, install the Stratio JDBC driver, restart Tableau and connect using the Stratio Crossdata JDBC connector. Virtualize your data immediately with Stratio Crossdata with Apache Spark technology!

Using Stratio Crossdata connector for Tableau

For a complete technical overview of the connector please check out the documentation page. If you have any questions, please share them with us on


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