Easter is the perfect season to stop and think. In my case this year I have been reflecting on the recent controversy of whether or not reducing meat consumption as recommended by the WHO has an effect on our health and the environment, and I could not help but connect with the concept of change and its derivatives. 

There are opportunities that only happen once in a lifetime, being it in a personal, work or self-development way, and when the opportunity to join Stratio, and even more the NUMA training programme, came my way, I didn’t think twice.

These past months have been filled with uncertainty, we have been living a pandemic caused by Covid-19 that has changed our lives and our daily habits; working every day from home, juggling and balancing our work and personal life.

The Agile Team of Stratio went to different events where they showed and explained the Argos Framework to the Agile Community: AOS (Agile Open Space 2017), BBVAgile Conference and CAS (Conference Agile Spain).

Ever felt daunted by a new role? Remember that feeling when you have just started at a new company? As Scrum Master, the feeling is still relatively raw… In today’s modern company, it is common to hear conversations about how to define the main responsibilities of a Scrum Master.