Madrid, Spain – 1 June 2017: Stratio, the Big Data company reinventing incumbents around their data, has completed the first live installation of its radical digital transformation product Stratio DataCentric within the cloud architecture of BBVA, a leading global financial institution. The company’s product has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets established security, stability, performance, and fault-tolerance requirements.

Stratio DataCentric brings together the latest, most disruptive Big Data technologies into a single product that transforms businesses in-flight. It uniquely combines all operational and informational processes into a single architecture and reinvents businesses around data.

Stratio DataCentric is designed to help leading companies radically overhaul their information architecture in small, tactical steps and put data at the core of their business so that daily decisions and strategic planning can be taken based on powerful insight and well-grounded knowledge. The enterprise-ready product has now seen its live installation in the cloud architecture of BBVA, following rigorous testing to ensure it meets standards.

“BBVA and Stratio have created Datio, a digital startup, to lead the bank’s Digital Transformation process. With Stratio’s technologies and BBVA’s resources, we will be able to radically overhaul the bank’s information architecture and put data at the core of our business. The first deployment of the product within BBVA’s cloud architecture is an important milestone in the project.” says Ignacio Bernal, Global Head of Architecture and IT Innovation at BBVA.

The product stores the company’s data in a single, secure, and fully-governed place so that any business department can access it at any time, meaning that the informational and operational silos of the company are merged, saving time and increasing accuracy.

“The digital disruptors of today were the pioneers of Big Data. They didn’t need to merge Big Data technologies with traditional IT infrastructures – they built their businesses around data from the beginning,” comments Oscar Mendez, CEO of Stratio.

“Stratio DataCentric uses the same technology paradigm as these Silicon Valley disruptors” he adds. “We’re delighted to complete the first-ever deployment of a data-centric architecture within such an important player as BBVA.”

Stratio DataCentric uses third generation Big Data technologies and is built on open-source industry-leading solutions: Spark as the compute platform, Cassandra, MongoDB, Elastic, Postgres, and HDFS for storage, and DC/OS as the data center management platform.


Stratio guides businesses on their journey through complete #DigitalTransformation with #BigData and #AI. Stratio works worldwide for large companies and multinationals in the sectors of banking, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, energy and media.

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