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Oscar Méndez, CEO of Stratio spoke at the recent Big Data & AI conference in Barcelona on Current data trends: the union between Data Fabric, Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse. With standing room only in the auditorium, Oscar shared a realistic vision of what the future holds and gave the key to making the Metaverse mainstream. We, at Stratio, know that companies are not getting all the value that their data can offer. Through big data…

beyond systems and to take on an “Ironman” race, one of the greatest physical and mental efforts that a human being can undergo. Specifically, the Ironman European Championship in Hamburg.

Easter is the perfect season to stop and think. In my case this year I have been reflecting on the recent controversy of whether or not reducing meat consumption as recommended by the WHO has an effect on our health and the environment, and I could not help but connect with the concept of change and its derivatives.