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Based on recent studies (see articles 2022 and 2023), women obtain 53% of STEM1 university degrees at a global level. However, in the EU only 34% of graduates in these fields are women and if we look even closer, the STEM degree enrollment of women in Spain represents an average of about 30%. Numbers vary among the different fields but what is most alarming is that only 16% of the STEM professionals in Spain are…

beyond systems and to take on an “Ironman” race, one of the greatest physical and mental efforts that a human being can undergo. Specifically, the Ironman European Championship in Hamburg.

Easter is the perfect season to stop and think. In my case this year I have been reflecting on the recent controversy of whether or not reducing meat consumption as recommended by the WHO has an effect on our health and the environment, and I could not help but connect with the concept of change and its derivatives. 

There are opportunities that only happen once in a lifetime, being it in a personal, work or self-development way, and when the opportunity to join Stratio, and even more the NUMA training programme, came my way, I didn’t think twice.